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Technology Predictions for 2015: Trivial, Over Estimated and Interesting It is an annual ritual: predictions for next year. After a year, two years or 5 years you discover that some of the predictions were right, some were wrong and nobody is sure if other predictions were right or wrong. 2015 is not an exception.  Recently I read two article  about IDC's predictions. The two articles describe the same predictions. The articles phrase differently the same predictions.  I will refer to the first article titled: IDC's top ten predictions for 2015.   However, the first article omitted an interesting point about Internet of Things Vendors. I will refer to what was written in the second article titled: IDC: top 10 technology predictions for 2015.  No one, including me, could be sure to which category (right, wrong, unknown) a prediction will fail. I divide IDC's predictions... (more)

STKI Summit 2010: The effects of Infrastructure Complexity

Complexity was one of the issues presented by Dr. Jimmy Schwarzkopf's STKI summit Keynote presentation. My Take in a previous post glanced at Complexity and the topic of a comment to my post was Complexity. Pini Cohen's Architecture and Infrastructure EVP & Senior Analyst's presentation in the STKI Summit included many slides on the same topic.  The key point was that In Israel  2009 was a year with record downtime dew to Complexity. Storage was a major cause for not good enough service due to under staffing. According to Pini's presentation the complexity is driven by three factors: ... (more)

Vendors Survival: Will Apple Survive until 2021?

The answer yes seems as an obvious answer to the question in the title of this post.    Apple, formerly Apple Computers, is very successful company. The following articles are glances about how successful it is:  Apple Is Now Worth More Than Intel And Microsoft Combined   Apple unseats Microsoft as world’s biggest tech company Apple now 4th largest phone maker worldwide Even by reading only the articles' titles you will be impressed.  It is the mindshare leader in the growing markets of Smart Phones and Tablets, as well as the Music devices market.  Anyone's ten years predictions could b... (more)

The Mainframe: Still Alive and Kicking

Recently, I was interviewed by Pcon (unfortunately the link points to an Hebrew only site) as part of debriefing on Legacy Systems. Pcon is an Israeli company investigating IT topics by quoting professional articles and interviewing experts. They publish the results of the investigations including practical recommendations. This post is mainly about topics raised by me during the interview, but not included in the debriefing, which will be published. What are Legacy Systems? The term Legacy Systems refers to old application systems and/or veteran technologies still in use. Usually... (more)

Will Software AG Survive until 2019? - Revisited

I am not happy to Revisit a Vendor Survival post saying that my prediction that a vendor will not survive was correct (for example, SUN). If a vendor is not a monopoly, I am not happy to find that the probability that it will survive is lower than it was (Apple, HP etc.). Even if it is a monopoly in specific markets and not a monopoly in others, I am not happy to find that its Survival probability is lower than it was (Microsoft).  The reason that I am not happy is that competition is good for my customers: They can buy better products and pay less. This post is out of the ordinary. ... (more)