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Shadow IT is growing and growing. In this post I explain what Shadow IT is and how it is related to the Business-IT Gap. 
Less than a year ago I wrote a post titled: BPMS Next Generation: 
Ten years ago Reuse was the promise of SOA.
Two years ago I published a post titled: Will Apple Survive until 2021?
I worked as an Information Technology Consultant, for many Customers.
An Example of a card from Ash experiment
For decades we are talking about closing the gap between business and IT, but the gap is still as wide as it was.
When HP intended to acquire EDS in 2008, I wrote a post titled:
In a previous post I discussed
Why SOA is implemented by more enterprises than
Pcon is an Israeli company investigating IT topics by quoting professional articles and interviewing experts. They publish the results of the investigations including practical recommendations. This post is mainly about topics raised by me during the interview, but not included in the ...
A year ago I publishes a post titled: Will Microsoft Survive Until 2021?. According to the
I recently read a TechCrunch article titled: The Rise of Big Data Apps and the Fall of SaaS written by Raj De Datta. I do agree with the prefix. As far as the suffix is concerned, I can only explain why Raj De Datta's opinion is wrong. I usually tend not to agree with statements ...
On March 19th I participated in STKI Summit.
In my Vendor's Survival posts I wrote about many leading vendors. Few posts were on Microsoft: 
What was changed fundamentally when Google switched to its new Privacy Policy
In previous posts such as Cloud Computing: Hype, Vision or Reality?, Hyped Cloud Technologies, PAAS is not Mainstream yet, SaaS is going Mainstream, Future applications: SaaS or traditional? I discussed Cloud Computing. Recently I read Joe McKendrick's interesting article titled:Cloud...
Apple's December 2011, quarter was described by SplatF as a Monster i.e. as a very successful quarter with high revenues growth. You can see the charts in the article
You can see The Top Ten 2011 Patent Leadres in Flicker.
I am an Israeli. I am an Information Technology professional not a
On May 2010 SAP acquired Sybase. According to my post titled:
In all Vendors Survival posts (e.g. Google,
Searching the Web Search Engine is Google's most strategic product. Some of its other products are using it as component of the services they provide. Limitation or failure of it, as described in Why we desperately need a New (and Better) Google cited in part1 of this post, could ne...
I recently read Steve Yegge's
Three years ago I wrote one of my Vendors Survival posts. The post was titled: